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Album: Core Topics in University Mathematics

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Description: This series of videos is aimed primarily at first-year undergraduate mathematics students. It covers some of the topics which students often find hard, but which are fundamental to success in university mathematics. One example of such a topic is curve sketching, which can reveal the qualitative behaviour of a function where perhaps the mathematical expression for the function is rather impenetrable. Proficiency with curve sketching comes with practice, and it is often hard to know where to begin. The videos in this series provide some useful tips. Another example of a core topic in university mathematics is the idea of proof. Rigorous proof allows us to establish the truth of mathematical statements. Videos in this series highlight two ways of proving mathematical statements: by induction and by contradiction. Further videos highlight the generalisation of a familiar pre-university mathematical concept (a vector) to a more abstract setting (vector spaces).

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Core-top 01. Proof by Induction
Core-top 10. Proof by Induction
Core-top 09. Exponential Function
Core-top 05. Bases for Vector Spaces
Core-top 04. Intro to Vector Spaces
Core-top 08. Think of a Function
Core-top 02. Proof by Contradiction
Core-top 06. Curve Sketching
Core-top 07. Curve Sketching
Core-top 03. Curve Sketching
Core-top 06a. Sketching Functions
Core-top 11. Proof by Induction – Example 2
Core-top Convergence of Sequences 1
Core-top convergence of sequences 2
Core-top convergence of series
Core-top series - the comparison test
Core-top series - the ratio test
Core-top sequences and their properties - examples
Core-top sequences and their properties - quiz
Core-top sequences and their properties - answers