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Album: Inspect-a-Gadget

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Description: The team at the Environmental Technology Centre (ETC) at The University of Nottingham work with small to medium scale companies to find solutions to a range of problems which can be solved using clever technology and gadgets. Find out how they do this in these videos.

Keywords: Inspect-a-Gadget, ETC, Environmental Technology Centre, Gerald Busca, Cris Calleja, Laura Mayhew-Manchon, John Hemingway, John Hemingbrough, Tony Gospel, Keith Baker, Phill Winsor Category: Business Subcategory: Engineering

Copyright: Copyright (c) University of Nottingham Language: en Explicit: no

Author: The University of Nottingham Owner: Debs Storey Owneremail: debs.storey@nottingham.ac.uk

Web page: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/etc/

Image: http://itunesu.nottingham.ac.uk/media/UoN_Life/etc/video/inspect-a-gadget.jpg

Thumbnail: http://itunesu.nottingham.ac.uk/media/UoN_Life/etc/video/inspect-a-gadget.jpg

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Inspect-a-gadget Inspect-a-Gadget - Meet the Environmental Technology Team
Inspect-a-gadget Inspect-a-Gadget - Patch the Pink Dog!
Inspect-a-gadget Inspect-a-Gadget - The Heat is On!
Inspect-a-gadget Inspect-a-Gadget - Use the Gears!
Inspect-a-gadget Inspect-a-Gadget - Gun-a Plug that Hole
Inspect-a-gadget Inspect-a-Gadget - Waste not, Want not!
Inspect-a-gadget Our experts make it rain inside Nottingham Contemporary!
Inspect-a-gadget Inspect-a-Gadget - The lighter side of life!
Inspect-a-gadget Inspect-a-Gadget - Measuring where no measurer has gone before!
Inspect-a-gadget Inspect-a-Gadget - It's just a phase or three!