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Album: Distinguished guests

Track: LSRI Opening - Learning in a Networked World: Professor Roy Pea


Description: On 7th November 2008, Professor Roy Pea, Professor of Education and Learning Sciences at Stanford University gave a talk entitled "Learning in a Networked World" at the opening of the Learning Sciences Research Institute at the university of Nottingham. http://www.lsri.nottingham.ac.uk/ "The combination of "always on" mobile computing, location-aware services, open platform technologies, participatory media culture, immersive worlds and games, and increasingly open educational resources provides an exciting horizon for the next decade of research on technology-enhanced learning at all age levels. Exceptional resources for human learning and action will become continuously accessible through networks of information, people, and services. Professor Pea argues for the value of re-conceptualising the nature of learning- from its goals to its infrastructures, and highlights key major research and theoretical challenges."

Keywords: Distinguished Guests

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Category: Society

Web page: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk

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