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Album: Politics in 60 Seconds

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Description: In 2009, we challenged our politics experts to define or dicuss a political concept in a minute or less. The result is a small library of political ideas explained (and a whole host of bloopers!) We may produce more in the future, but for now, enjoy!

Keywords: Politics, Politics in 60 Seconds, Nottingham University, Philip Cowley Category: Social Science Subcategory: Social Science:Political Science

Copyright: Copyright (c) University of Nottingham Language: en Explicit: no

Author: Politics in 60 Seconds Owner: The University of Nottingham Owneremail: andrew.burden@nottingham.ac.uk

Web page: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/politics

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Politicsin60seconds Green Politics
Politicsin60seconds Democracy
Politicsin60seconds Who supports right wing extremism
Politicsin60seconds Welcome to Politics in 60 Seconds
Politicsin60seconds Voting
Politicsin60seconds Utopia
Politicsin60seconds Parliamentary Whips
Politicsin60seconds Disaster politics
Politicsin60seconds Defence: Britain's relationship with the US
Politicsin60seconds Defence: Britain's role internationally
Politicsin60seconds War
Politicsin60seconds China's responsibility
Politicsin60seconds Corruption
Politicsin60seconds Passive revolution
Politicsin60seconds Property
Politicsin60seconds Exploitation
Politicsin60seconds History and the State
Politicsin60seconds The Labour Party
Politicsin60seconds Social Democracy
Politicsin60seconds Voting at 16?
Politicsin60seconds Ideology
Politicsin60seconds Defence: allies
Politicsin60seconds Defence: The changing nature of conflict
Politicsin60seconds What is right wing extremism
Politicsin60seconds Why is the right wing important?