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Album: Alumni

24 tracks


Description: News and events from our distinguished and successful alumni; from scientists to up and coming musicians.

Keywords: Alumni, Nottingham University, University of Nottingham Category: Society Subcategory: Society

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Author: Various Owner: The University of Nottingham Owneremail: andrew.burden@nottingham.ac.uk

Web page: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/alumni

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Alumni Alumni Laureate Awards: Anne Panter
Alumni Alumni Laureate Awards: Ann Dudley
Alumni Extreme kayaking
Alumni Alumni Laureate Awards: Major Nicholas Barton
Alumni Being Swound
Alumni Alumni Laureate Awards: Roger Lewis
Alumni Alumni Laureate Awards: Dr Anne Weaver
Alumni Alumni Laureate Awards: Peter Masibo Lumala
Alumni Alumni Laureate Awards: Elizabeth Bennett
Alumni Alumni Laureate Awards: Agatha Sangma
Alumni The value of volunteering
Alumni Supporters, Alumni and Friends Day
Alumni Student midwives on tour: Tanzania 2011
Alumni The day Paul McCartney dropped by
Alumni ‘An evening with Chris Bates’ alumnus and runner-up in ‘The Apprentice 2010’
Alumni Backstage: with Gallery 47 at Splendour Music Festival
Alumni The Nottingham Life Cycle Daily
Alumni Study What You Love - Judith Bannerman (Archaeology Alumna)
Alumni Study What You Love - Andy Souter (Archaeology Alumnus)
Alumni A degree of distinction part 3 - audio
Alumni A degree of distinction part 2 - audio
Alumni Making history - audio
Alumni Dressing for success - audio
Alumni A degree of distinction part 1 - audio