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Album: e-Learning

Track: Pharmatopia@Nottingham


Description: Welcome to Pharmatopia@Nottingham - a dedicated Pharmacy project in Second Life for students at The University of Nottingham. Pharmatopia@Nottingham is part of the wider global Pharmatopia collaboration, organised and hosted by Monash University, Australia. If you want to see more enter Second Life and teleport to "Pharmatopia".

Keywords: Education, Elearning, University of Nottingham, Nottingham University, Second Life

Author: Various

Category: Teaching & Education

Web page: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk

Thumbnail: http://itunesu.nottingham.ac.uk/media/Education/eLearning/images/elearning.jpg

Track media file: http://itunesu.nottingham.ac.uk/media/Education/eLearning/video/pharma.mp4

Duration: 11:22

Size: 68891443

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