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Album: Mathematical Analysis

Track: Workshop 6 - How do we do proofs? (Part II) 2009-10 edition


Description: How do we do proofs? (Part II) 2009-10 edition Further module materials are available for download from The University of Nottingham open courseware site: http://unow.nottingham.ac.uk/resources/resource.aspx?hid=c6c045f6-286d-6b9f-b96c-36a998632fc3

Keywords: mathematical analysis, real numbers, calculus, mathematics, sequences, limits, functions, Euclidian spaces, differentiation, integration

Author: Dr Joel Feinstein

Category: Mathematics

Web page: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/mathematics

Thumbnail: http://itunesu.nottingham.ac.uk/media/Mathematics/MathematicalAnalysis/images/math-an.jpg

Track media file: http://itunesu.nottingham.ac.uk/media/Mathematics/MathematicalAnalysis/video/How-Proofs-II-0910.mp4

Duration: 26:01

Size: 60256256

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