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Album: Teaching Mathematics

Track: Screencast: Using a tablet PC and screencasts when teaching mathematics - Dr. Joel Feinstein


Description: This is one of two recordings of a session given by Dr Joel Feinstein (Nottingham) in Loughborough on November 18 2009 as part of the seminar series "How We Teach" running at the Mathematics Education Centre, Loughborough University. See also Dr Feinstein's blog http://explainingmaths.wordpress.com/ For more information on this seminar series, contact the organiser, Professor Barbara Jaworski, B.Jaworski@lboro.ac.uk The session is about Dr Feinstein's current teaching methodology, and especially his use of a tablet PC and screencasting when teaching mathematics (relating to mathematical analysis and proof). The session includes a demonstration of the methodology, extracts from some screencasts (excluded from this recording) and discussion of many of the issues which arise. Some of the discussion is excluded from this version of the recording as Dr Feinstein's microphone does not pick up comments from the audience. This version of the recording was made using Camtasia on Dr Feinstein's tablet laptop, and is a screencast of everything displayed on the tablet's display, with synchronized audio. The other recording of this session is the full video-recording of the session made by the team in Loughborough. That recording is rather different in nature, and includes all of the discussions in full.

Keywords: Mathematics, teaching, mathematical_analysis, proof, screencasts, recording_lectures, tablet, laptop, Windows_Journal, Camtasia, Echo360, pdf_annotator

Author: Dr Joel Feinstein

Category: Mathematics

Web page: http://explainingmaths.wordpress.com/

Thumbnail: http://itunesu.nottingham.ac.uk/media/Mathematics/Teachingmethod/images/teach-meth.jpg

Track media file: http://itunesu.nottingham.ac.uk/media/Mathematics/Teachingmethod/video/tablet_camtasia_video.mp4

Duration: 33:31


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