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Album: Why Study Theology and Religious Studies

Track: Why Study Ibn Taymiyya, with Jon Hoover


Description: Ibn Taymiyya (1263-1328 C.E.) was an Islamic thinker who has exerted, and continues to exert, an enormous influence within the Islamic tradition. Ibn Taymiyya was often quoted by the late Osama Bin Laden and in this video, Dr. Jon Hoover, who has studied his theology and his importance in Islam, introduces Ibn Taymiyya and his thought.

Keywords: Jon, Hoover, Islam, Islamic, Moslems, God, Koran, studies, religion, Arabic, Ibn, Taymiyya, theology, Nottingham, belief, Qur’an, University of Nottingham, Nottingham University, Osama Bin Laden

Author: The University of Nottingham

Category: Humanities

Web page: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/theology

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