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Description: In this series of short interviews we look at what Geographers do, the broad diversity of the subject, and its relevance today.

Keywords: geography, environment Category: Science Subcategory: Science:Geography

Copyright: Copyright (c) University of Nottingham Language: en Explicit: no

Author: School of Geography - University of Nottingham Owner: The University of Nottingham Owneremail: itunesu@nottingham.ac.uk

Web page: http://blogs.nottingham.ac.uk/geography/

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Geog Introduction
Geog On Environmental History
Geog On Historical Geography
Geog On Palaeolimnology
Geog On Engineering Geology
Geog On Economic Geography
Geog On Biogeography
Geog On Geography I
Geog On Geography II
Geog Community Day 2011
Geog On Cultural Geography
Geog On Palaeoclimatology
Geog On material culture
Geog On hydroinfomatics
Geog Conclusion
Geog On the financial crisis
Geog On Climate Uncertainty
Geog On Islands and Lizards
Geog On Landscape and Environment
Geog On the Educational Service Industry
Geog On the Occupy Movement
Geog On Retail Geography
Geog On global scale biogeography
Geog On critical military geography
Geog On environmental services
Geog On the city
Geog On remote sensing