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Album: Sacred Calendars

Track: Sacred Calendars: 23 April - St George's Day


Description: St George is not only patron of England, but of several other countries and regions. He was an early Greek military saint, who was martyred at Lydda (now Lod / Tel Aviv Airport), and devotion to him is far more widespread in the East than in the West.

Keywords: Sacred Calendars, University, Nottingham, Religion

Author: The University of Nottingham

Category: Humanities

Web page: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/theology

Thumbnail: http://itunesu.nottingham.ac.uk/media/Culture/SacredCalendars/images/theo-SacrCal.jpg

Track media file: http://itunesu.nottingham.ac.uk/media/Culture/SacredCalendars/video/SacredCalendarsStGeorgesDay.mp4

Duration: 07:42

Size: 266973184

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