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Album: The Wollaton Library Collection

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Description: A Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) award enabled Manuscripts and Special Collections to conserve, catalogue and provide access to the remains of the Collection. Access to the ten medieval manuscripts and 42 printed books had been limited both because of their fragile condition and the specialist nature of the manuscripts. The volumes include texts in Middle English, Old French and Anglo-Norman French as well as Latin. For more information on the project please visit www.nottingham.ac.uk/mss

Keywords: History, Manuscripts, Medieval, Special Collections, University of Nottingham, Lancelot, Camelot, Books, Literature Category: History Subcategory: History:Medieval

Copyright: Copyright (c) University of Nottingham Language: en Explicit: no

Author: Various Owner: The University of Nottingham Owneremail: andrew.burden@nottingham.ac.uk

Web page: http://www.nottingham.ac.uk/mss

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